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2008/733 Population genetic structure of Sea Cucumbers (bêche-de-mer) in Northern Australia

This project aimed to increase knowledge of the population genetic structure of Sandfish, a commercially important species of Sea Cucumber, in Northern Australia.  Read More

2008/769 Review of Australian breeding programs for Pacific Oysters, Sydney Rock Oysters, Barramundi and Prawns

This project entailed a review of on-going and planned Australian breeding programs for Pacific Oysters, Sydney Rock Oysters, Barramundi and prawns.  Read More

2008/773 Scope of options to establish gamete cryobanking services to genetic improvement programs in Australian aquaculture industry

The project identified the key technical gaps and/or improvements that need to be addressed as a priority through R&D to effectively and efficiently deliver the proposed cryobanking service for aquaculture breeding programs in Australia.  Read More

2008/902 Aquaculture Innovation Hub

The Aquaculture Innovation Hub was an initiative to coordinate aquaculture research under the Seafood CRC, facilitate improved communication and assist development of new collaborative projects.  Read More

2009/715 Optimising business structures and fisheries management systems for key fisheries

There is currently an estimated economic gap (lost profit) in the CRC participant fisheries of approximately 40% or $200 million per annum.. If the economic gap could be halved from 40% to 20% the profitability of CRC fisheries would be improved by approximately $100 million. This project aimed to contribute to that outcome by identifying practical opportunities to improve their economic performance.  Read More

2009/744 Propagation and sea-based growout of Sea Cucumber stocks in the Northern Territory

This project aimed to develop improved hatchery and nursery production protocols for Sea Cucumber in the Northern Territory.  Read More

2009/756 Managing fisheries to maximise profits by understanding and reducing variable costs of fishing

This project reviewed and documented variable costs of fishing and their composition in relevant Seafood CRC fisheries and formulate future cost increase scenarios. This project also contrasted traits of fisheries within the CRC to identify generalised patterns in vulnerability and management in response to increased fishing costs and utilise national and state input-output models to contrast the effect of alternative management strategies considered on state and national gross product.  Read More

2010/766 Policy shift to risk-based fisheries management – Phase 1 Proof of Concept

This project examined the hypothesis that traditional management methods are the most efficient and effective way of managing fisheries. Fisheries management, traditional or otherwise, necessarily means constraint in some manner, and the question that was examined is what minimal level of regulation is required to effectively ensure the ecological sustainability of a fishery. The project evaluated whether a risk based management regime can achieve this.  Read More

2010/780 Molecular and quantitative genetics studies to improve breeding programs for key Australian aquaculture species

The market value of a carcass or fillets, particularly of large species such as kingfish and tuna, can be strongly influenced by the percentage of fat in the tissues. Yet little is known about the heritability and genetics behind lipid deposition in Yellowtail Kingfish, and thus the current ability to select for and improve this highly marketable trait is limited. This project addressed this deficiency by developing pedigree-based selection for flesh oil content and identifying, as well as quant  Read More

2010/781 Broodstock conditioning of sandfish and optimisation of spawning induction techniques

This project identified and evaluated various factors relating to broodstock conditioning and improving the reliability of induced spawning in Sandfish, Holothuria scabra. This project provided the first comprehensive study of broodstock conditioning and spawning inducement of H. scabra in Australia.  Read More

2011/724 The development of an Australian Cobia aquaculture industry

Queensland, and in particular, Pacific Reef Fisheries (PRF) has the technical capability and infrastructure to produce cobia for the marketplace and to target the appropriate market sector for the product. This project aims to build on previous research by PRF and the Department for Employment, Economic Development and Innovation (DEEDI) to develop an Australian Cobia aquaculture industry.  Read More

2012/738 Determination of the baseline levels of TPH and nutrient levels in a proposed aquaculture zone

This project aimed to determine baseline levels of nutrients, TPH, PAHs, alkyl PAHs, metals and OC/OPs in a proposed aquaculture zone. This data was delivered to the department of fisheries to satisfy EPA requirements regarding setting up new aquaculture zones.  Read More

2012/756 Aquaculture Production Innovation Hub: Phase II – communication, extension and opportunities

This project was a continuation of the Aquaculture Innovation Hub (Project 2008/902). The Phase II Hub focussed on research extension activities in the finfish, crustacean and shellfish sectors and on increasing trans-Tasman communications among aquaculture producers and researchers.  Read More

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