Seafood Cooperative Research Centre Directorsboard_peter_dundas-smith

Mr Peter Dundas-Smith (Chairman)

Peter is the Seafood Cooperative Research Centre's Chairman who led the bid team to victory!


Peter was the former Fisheries Research and Development Corporation's Executive Director and also the former Chairman of the Cooperative Research Centre for the Sustainable Aquaculture of Finish.


Peter brings military precision to the board meetings and contributes his vast knowledge of the seafood industry, research and development and governance.

Professor Colin Buxton

Colin was the Director of the Tasmanian Aquaculture and Fisheries Institute and he brings a wealth of science, research and development management and strategic planning expertise to the Australian Seafood Cooperative Research Centre.

Colin was also a Director of the Cooperative Research Centre for the Sustainable Aquaculture of Finfish.
Professor Colin Buxton

Dr Craig Foster

Craig is currently the CEO of Clean Seas Tuna Ltd and he is also the Chairman of the National Aquaculture Council and Chairman of the Clean Seas Research and Technical Advisory Committee.

The Seafood CRC is very fortunate to have Craig on our Board due to the skills he possesses from being the Managing Director of two significant aquaculture businesses (Marine Harvest Australia and Skretting Australia). Here he was responsible for the financial, governance, profitability and development of these businesses and his strengths are in clearly understanding the critical issues that prevent a business from developing and assessing ways of removing these blocks to business development.

Craig has two Degrees - one in Veterinary Science and the other in Veterinary Biology.
Dr Craig Foster

Dr Patrick Hone

Patrick is the passionate Executive Director of the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation. Patrick is a scientist who also has extentive knowledge of planning, management and funding of national seafood-related research and development.


Patrick was also a Director of the Cooperative Research Centre for the Sustainable Aquaculture of Finfish.

Dr Patrick Hone

Dr Pauline Mooney

Pauline has an impressive list of key skills which will serve us well at the Seafood CRC. Pauline has fourteen years experience in science, business and financial leadership, including extensive research and project management experience. She also has fourteen years experience in strategy planning for two primary industries research across terrestrial, marine, livestock and food sectors.


Pauline has held a number of professional roles ranging from her current role as Deputy Executive Director of the South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI) to previous roles such as Director of Research & Development at SARDI, Assistant General Manager with HortResearch, Sector Leader for HortResearch, Portfolio Manager/Capability Leader for HortResearch and not forgetting her career as a scientist (1984 – 1995)!

Dr Pauline Mooney

Mr Bryan Skepper

Bryan is the CEO of Sydney Fish Market and has a Bachelor of Commerce Degree and over 40 years experience in finace.

Bryan has over 36 years of experience working in the Australian seafood industry and is also the company secretary at  Sydney Fish Market.


Mr Stephen Hood

Stephen holds an Honours Degree in Science, a Bachelor of Arts and has a Post Graduate Diploma in Aquaculture.


Stephen in currently the Compliance and Projects Manager for the M.G. Kailis Group of Companies and in the past was an advanced skills lecturer in marine studies at Geraldton Regional College of TAFE. He has also been an owner/operator of an 82 pot A zone concession Rocklobster fishing vessel