ALife Seafood Careers


The ALife program aims to replace the career guide that school leavers get when they have finished high school. The Australian Seafood CRC was one of the 100 hand-picked organisations to become involved with this program (Project number 2008/732).The Australian Seafood CRC hopes that by participating in this program the younger generation (Generation X and Y) will choose a career within the Australian seafood industry.


As part of this project, the following videos were produced to give an insight into specific roles within the seafood industry.



Tim Annabel - Aquaculture Farmhand






Richie Bagnato - Professional Fisherman






Jenifer Cobcroft - Aquaculture Scientist






Erik Poole - Sydney Fish Market






Adam Casey - Dive Team






Tom Kennedy - Oyster Farmer (Part 1)






Tom Kennedy - Oyster Farmer (Part 2)