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2006/215 Southern Rocklobster industry research and development planning, implementation and extension

The Southern Rocklobster industry structure comprises around 700 small owner operator businesses with little or no capacity to coordinate investment in and manage industry development. Therefore, this project aimed to coordinate investments by funding agencies and SRL to align with the SRL strategy, and provide a communication and extension service that facilitates the adoption of project outputs.  Read More

2008/715 Australian Abalone industry research and development planning, implementation and extension

This project aimed to enable the abalone industry to better be able to work collaboratively and improve the quality of products supplied to the market and to maintain market share in major exports.  Read More

2008/724 Seafood industry export information package - direct extension to overseas customers of Australian Seafood

The project was developed to take advantage of an Australian presence at the world’s leading seafood event, the European Seafood Expo, to introduce young Australians to the world market for seafood. In selecting ESE, the bursary recipients would be exposed to the products from over eighty countries and 1,600 exhibitors in an Expo that covers more than 40,000sqm of floor space. For Australians who had not been to such an event it put the place of Australian seafood, production, value and pack-sty  Read More

2008/748 Australian Council of Prawn Fisheries research and development planning, implementation, extension and utilisation

The Australian Council of Prawn Fisheries is now established and well positioned with the Seafood Cooperative Research Centre to implement its strategic plan and to integrate research and development across all stakeholders under its leadership. This project aimed to coordinate research and development and facilitate prawn industry participation in Seafood CRC research projects and establish a mechanism by which the ACPF may fund its own R & D coordination and communication activities.  Read More

2008/764 Australian Prawn Farmers Association research and development planning, implementation and extension

This project providedfinancial support to the Australian Prawn Farmer's Association (APFA) to ensure that APFA members work collaboratively to implement research and development results delivered through the Cooperative Research Centre.  Read More

2008/791 Economic evaluation for the Seafood CRC

The Seafood CRC will invest over $140 million cash and in-kind in research and development over its seven year life. It is a requirement of the CRC agreement with the Commonwealth of Australia that a process is established to measure and evaluate the impact of that expenditure. There is a need for this work at several levels which this project addressed.  Read More

2009/747 Can they hear me? Modern and innovative strategies to talk to the seafood industry

This project provided a pilot study new ways to effectively communicate with the seafood industry. The project consisted of a six month trial utilizing Short Messaging Service (SMS) messages with a website link that immediately downloaded a two minute news video (known as ‘Seafood Industry News’) onto their mobile phone.  Read More

2010/745 Research and Development planning, implementation, extension and utilisation

This project aimed to facilitate prawn industry participation in Seafood CRC projects and the extension and utilisation of the project results, particularly in relation to the development of new products and new markets.  Read More

2010/747 National oyster R & D – strategic R & D project commissioning, management and path to commercialisation

This project continued the core functions of Seafood CRC project “2007/715: Oyster Consortium - Communication, Extension and Management of Research and Development Results” but within the newly incorporated Oysters Australia Ltd.  Read More

2010/749 Non-monetary benefits of Seafood CRC Projects

This project identified the factors influencing the private sector usage of CRC post-harvest project research outputs. By analysing the characteristics of each CRC market development project, of the targeted industry and of its individual users, this study determined why the private sector has used the research outputs of past and on-going projects to different extents. Results led to recommendations for the selection and design of future CRC projects.  Read More

2011/739 Guideline for quality and safety assessment of novel seafood products

This project aimed to assist the seafood industry with sound practical advice on the assessments of food safety and quality aspects of new packaged seafood products in a concise and clear format.  Read More

2011/744 Commercialising translocation of Southern Rocklobster to improve yield and value

This project moved translocation from pilot scale research operations to commercial operations.  Read More

2012/729 Biofloc research extension project

The objectives of this project were to design, develop and deliver a targeted series of extension activities on the mechanisms, methodology and management of low‐water exchange, microbial floc prawn production for Australian prawn farmers.  Read More

2012/731 Optimising industry adoption: Case studies on the efficacy of current Australian Seafood CRC research extension processes

The aim of this study was to assist in identifying the strategies and processes utilised in the extension, education and training of Seafood CRC research outcomes and to highlight the associated challenges and successes encountered during industry application of Seafood CRC facilitated research project outputs.  Read More

2012/732 Trialing regional grower groups to extend and build on CRC outputs

The Oysters Australia Board and the Seafood CRC identified the need to develop and deliver practical, grower-focused extension and communication activities to increase the return from CRC research and development outputs. Discussions with oyster growers from Tasmania, South Australia and New South Wales indicated that many would value the support to form and establish such groups but lack the time or knowledge to do so effectively. This project aimed to trial grower groups that can become self-s  Read More

2012/739 Defining the legacy from the CRC's research in Future Harvest

All projects run through future harvest were reviewed including through meetings with each research provider.  Read More

2012/757 Market development funding options for the Australian oyster industry

This project sought to confirm an agreed national funding mechanism for joint marketing and promotion and administrative support for Oysters Australia.  Read More

2012/767 Australian aquaculture genetic support capability

This project was undertaken to provide the proponents (CSIRO and CRC) with an independent assessment of a business case upon which to progress a strategy and develop an implementation plan for the delivery of essential genetic services to commercial aquaculture selective breeding programs.  Read More

2013/700 Yellowtail Kingfish genetics: Commercialisation strategies

This project aimed to implement and fully integrate a genetic program for clean seas tuna's (CST's) yellowtail kingfish (YTK) production. The commercial value and business case for the viability of this program was identified and calculated and strategies were developed to ensure genetic best practice and ensure the long-term commercial value and sustainability of the CST YTK genetic program through suitable management procedures.  Read More

2013/702 AIFST 2013 Annual Convention

Scientists presented their work at the 2013 Annual Convention of the Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology.  Read More

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