Seafood and Health

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2007/711 Review of literature and resources relating to the health benefit of regular consumption of seafood as part of a healthy diet

This report provided a literature review on the health benefits of seafood consumption. A total of 120 current resources were reviewed and revealed information about the format, target group, reference to seafood, credibility and suitability of these identified resources.  Read More

2007/714 Review of health benefit research and development relevant to the Australian seafood industry and members

This project was designed to assist the Australian Seafood CRC identify research gaps and opportunities in health related seafood research. The research described in this report found that omega-3 fatty acids are the major basis for health outcome claims.  Read More

2008/703 Improving erythrocyte omega-3 fatty acid profiles and health status in adults through increased consumption of canned tuna

This project investigated the effect of regular consumption of canned fish on levels of omega-3 fatty acids in red blood and metabolic health benefits.  Read More

2008/720 Community Intervention to Increase Seafood Consumption

This project focused on developing resources which would communicate the health benefits of seafood to relevant seafood consumers with the long-term goal of providing better education to the community on the scientifically proven health benefits of eating more seafood.  Read More

2008/796 Fish, omega-3 fatty acids, inflammation and related diseases in the elderly: A review of the literature

The purpose of this review was to identify and examine relevant publications assessing the consumption of fish or fish oil supplementation on markers of inflammation, depression, Type 2 Diabeties (T2DM), age-related macular degeneration (AMD) , and cancer (colorectal and breast) in those over 50 years.  Read More

2008/905 Australian Seafood Compositional Profiles Portal

Nutritional compositional profiles were documented for 22 Australian seafood species, in order to assist industry to better promote the benefits of seafood, and to meet customer and regulatory needs.  Read More

2010/738 Inflammatory changes following a dietary intervention in the elderly

This study investigated the potential benefits of a high fish diet in the reduction of known risk factors of cardio-vascular disease.  Read More

2010/764 Australian Seafood CRC health communication

The first objective of this project was to assist with the development of the Health Behaviour and Communication themed presentations at the International Seafood & Health (IS&H) Conference.  Read More

2011/703 Accumulation of mercury in estuarine food webs: biogeochemical and ecological considerations

The studies within this thesis examined the bioavailability, trophic magnification and bioaccumulation of Hg within a contaminated estuary to provide better capacity to manage the ecosystem and human health concerns.  Read More

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