Yellowtail Kingfish

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2007/718 Yellowtail Kingfish juvenile quality

This project aimed to understand the factors that contributed to jaw malformation in cultured Yellowtail Kingfish.  Read More

2008/711 Addressing key aquatic animal health issues limiting production of Australian Yellowtail Kingfish and hatchery-reared Southern Bluefin Tuna Industries

This project comprised of an applied approach to addressing a diverse range of aquatic animal health related issues of relevance to the nascent Australian Yellowtail Kingfish industry, and to the newly instigated production of hatchery reared Southern Bluefin Tuna.  Read More

2008/736 The culture of Yellowtail Kingfish: Nutritional and environmental interactions

The main aim of this research was to improve our understanding of the somatic and physiological responses of Yellowtail Kingfish, at suboptimal water temperatures, to dietary fish meal and fish oil substitution using alternative dietary protein and lipid ingredients.  Read More

2008/786 Evaluation of the suitability of Daphniopsis australis as a live feed for larval Yellowtail Kingfish

Daphniopsis australis is saline cladoceran found in southern Australia. This 3 study found that D. australis are capable of reaching densities of >500 individuals/L. 4 Due to their high reproductive rate these animals have been identified as a possible feed for larval Yellowtail Kingfish.  Read More

2008/901 Yellowtail Kingfish product quality: Effects of maturation and harvest stress

This study investigated the stress response of Yellowtail Kingfish when exposed to commercial catch and harvest methods. Two alternative methods of catch and harvest were also tested and subsequent effects on flesh quality or shelf life determined.  Read More

2008/903 Understanding Yellowtail Kingfish

This broad ranging study sought to increase understanding about the performance of Yellowtail Kingfish (YTK) in sea cages and the quality attributes of YTK products for consumption.  Read More

2009/700 Improvement of Yellowtail Kingfish fingerling production efficiency through food and feeding management

This thesis provides new understanding and knowledge advancement in Yellowtail Kingfish larval fish biology and guidelines for hatchery management in larval fish rearing, including live food selection, feeding frequency and the time of fish weaning to formulated diets.  Read More

2009/728 Sustainable feeds and feed management for Yellowtail Kingfish

The research carried out in this project improved the feed conversion efficiencies and sustainable production of Yellowtail Kingfish.  Read More

2009/733 Body buoyancy and distribution of fish larvae: Exploring the mechanism of mass mortality

The aim of this thesis was to mainly use the larvae of Yellowtail Kingfish Seriola lalandi to understand the pattern of morphological development associated with body density change, examine the impact of abiotic factors on swimbladder inflation and explore the causality of mortality associated with distribution in the water column of culture tanks.  Read More

2009/749 Improvements in Yellowtail Kingfish larval survival and juvenile quality

This project was a collaborative approach to try to understand the cause(s) and ways to mitigate a number of production performance issues that have affected Yellowtail Kingfish (YTK) hatcheries for 10 years.  Read More

2009/763 Impact of commercial hatchery practices on the contribution of broodstock to offspring and genetic diversity in the Yellowtail Kingfish breeding program

This Honours thesis titled ‘Impact of Commercial Hatchery Practices on the Contribution of Broodstock to Offspring and Genetic Diversity in the Yellowtail Kingfish Breeding Program’ was completed by Daniel Tan  Read More

2009/778 Effects of soybean meal and water temperature on the mucus layer and the development of sub-acute enteritis in Yellowtail Kingfish

This honours thesis titled ‘Effects of soybean meal and water temperature on the mucus layer and the development of sub-acute enteritis in Yellowtail Kingfish (Seriola lalandi)’ was completed by Matthew Bansemer in fulfillment of the requirements of the degree of Honours of Bachelor of Science at Adelaide University  Read More

2009/779 Yellowtail Kingfish growth response, flesh quality and PUFA content through microalgae formulated aqua-feeds

This Honours thesis titled ‘Yellowtail Kingfish Growth Response, Flesh Quality and PUFA Content through Microalgae Formulated Aqua-Feeds’ was completed by Kopano Mosa Machailo in fulfillment of the requirements of the Honours Degree of Bachelor of Biotechnology at Flinders University.  Read More

2009/780 Effect of alternative lipids and temperature on growth factor gene expression in Yellowtail Kingfish

This Honours thesis titled ‘Effect of alternative lipids and temperature on growth and growth factor gene expression in Yellowtail Kingfish (Seriola lalandi)’ was completed by Geoffrey Collins in fulfillment of the requirements of the Honours Degree of Bachelor of Technology (Aquaculture) at Flinders University.  Read More

2009/782 Impact of fish oil replacement on the expression of antioxidant genes and genes involved in the synthesis of omega-3 long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids in Yellowtail Kingfish

This Honours thesis titled ‘Impact of Fish Oil Replacement on the Expression of Antioxidant Genes and Genes Involved in the Synthesis of Omega-3 Long Chain Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids in Yellowtail Kingfish (Seriola lalandi)’ was completed by Nathan Rout-Pitt.  Read More

2010/753 Improving hatchery production of Yellowtail Kingfish larvae and juveniles

This project directed investment in skilled personnel and resources to increase our understanding of critical factors that can be manipulated for improved yield of Yellowtail Kingfish juveniles and lower production costs by refined culture conditions to achieve reliably higher survival, higher swimbladder inflation rate and lower incidence of skeletal deformities.  Read More

2010/759 Peroxiredoxins and glutathione peroxidases in the fertility of Yellowtail Kingfish

This study investigated the distribution of the expression of selected members of the peroxiredoxin (Prx) and glutathione peroxidase (GPx) antioxidant enzyme families in Yellowtail Kingfish (YTK, Seriola lalandi),  Read More

2010/778 Optimising harvest practices of Yellowtail Kingfish

This project evaluated the effect of harvest operations on flesh quality attributes of YTK.  Read More

2011/733 Vaccination of Yellowtail Kingfish

This project aimed to determine if there are any deleterious effects of vaccination of Yellowtail Kingfish, including mortality, decreased growth, intra-abdominal lesions and change in muscle appearance.  Read More

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