2008/902 Aquaculture Innovation Hub
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2008/902 Aquaculture Innovation Hub

By Geoff Allan


The Aquaculture Innovation Hub was a new initiative from the Seafood CRC and the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation to coordinate aquaculture research under the Seafood CRC, facilitate improved communication and assist development of new collaborative projects.


The hub brought together industry participants and research providers and fostered a better understanding of the research challenges faced by industry and the capacity and potential for researchers to address these challenges. The hub arranged face-to-face meetings, established a website and put help people stay in touch through email, teleconferences, text messaging and other forms of communication.


In addition, the hub developed and managed two hatchery networks, one for shellfish and one for marine finfish. The aim of the networks was to help hatcheries access and adopt the latest technology and identify key research, training and education priorities. The networks helped coordinate specific sessions on hatchery technology at the Australasian Aquaculture conferences in 2010 and 2012. Vocational and academic training needs were identified and training workshops, technical exchanges and visits organised.