2011/724 The development of an Australian Cobia aquaculture industry

2011/724 The development of an Australian Cobia aquaculture industry

By Peter Lee


Cobia is a high quality high performing aquaculture species overseas and is capable of providing good economic returns from pond-based production. However, the culture of this species has not yet been developed in Australia. Queensland, and in particular, Pacific Reef Fisheries (PRF) has the technical capability and infrastructure to produce cobia for the marketplace and to target the appropriate market sector for the product. This project aims to build on previous research by PRF and the Department for Employment, Economic Development and Innovation (DEEDI) to develop an Australian Cobia aquaculture industry.

Project Objectives

  1. Develop reliable and robust controlled spawning methods for Cobia, utilising hormonal, social and/or environmental manipulation
  2. Produce sufficient fingerlings by DEEDI to enable PRF to on-grow commercial quantities of Cobia for market
  3. Develop pilot scale Cobia fingerling production by the PRF hatchery
  4. Formulate diets designed to meet the specific nutritional and energetic requirements of Cobia
  5. Develop and field test new farmed Cobia product(s) with high market acceptance