Fish Bites Series

Fish Bites:  Consumer research on seafood in bite sized chunks


2015 Consumer Research

Attitudes Towards Seafood

Country of Origin Labelling

Eating More or Eating Less, Over The last Five Years?

Shopping Behaviour and Preferences

The Role of Social Media in Seafood Consumption

The Role of Sustainability in Australian Consumers Seafood Purchasing Behaviour

The Male Seafood Shopper

What Are We Eating And Where?



2010 Consumer Research (Adobe Reader v8 or above, and Adobe Presenter required). 

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Introducing Fish Bites

What seafood are Australians consuming?
Who influences seafood consumption?
Do Australian consumers know how to select, store, prepare and serve seafood

Perceptions of fresh-chilled and frozen sections of the supermarket
Perceptions about the affordability of seafood
Perceptions of the safety of consuming seafood
Perceptions of the availability of seafood
Perceptions of the sustainability of seafood
Perceptions of the sensory qualities of seafood
Consumers’ understanding of the health benefits of seafood

Concerns about the freshness of seafood

Drivers of seafood consumption
Seafood and food-related lifestyles
Influence of childhood consumption and habit on seafood consumption in Australia

Influence of household members on seafood consumption in Australia
The mental accessibility of seafood

What information do Australian seafood consumers want at the point-of-sale?
What do fine-dining and casual restaurant diners want?

What does the food service sector want?
Is there an ideal retailing mix for seafood?
Is there a place for more fresh-chilled seafood in supermarkets?
Barriers to seafood consumption in Australia
Commercial influences on seafood consumption
Role of extrinsic cues in seafood consumption

Undervalued seafood species