Yellowtail Kingfish

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2011/740 Addressing causes of early mortality in hatchery produced Yellowtail Kingfish larvae

This project aimed to address some of the key larval mortality and quality issues experienced in finfish hatcheries.  Read More

2011/754 Development of finfish aquaculture in Western Australia (WA): Removal of barriers to profitable production

This project comprised three sub-projects aimed at removing some key barriers and optimising some key inputs to Yellowtail Kingfish (YTK) production and improving the commercial viability of the development of a larger scale industry in Western Australia.  Read More

2011/765 Investigating post-harvest quality in Yellowtail Kingfish

This project was conducted by Rowan Kleindienst investigating post-harvest quality in Yellowtail Kingfish in fulfillment of the requirements of a Master of Philosophy at Curtin University  Read More

2012/737 Yellowtail kingfish health workshop and feed analysis

This project addressed the need to further clean seas tuna's (CST) understanding of the disease issues severely impacting YTK production.  Read More

2013/729 Promoting marine finfish aquaculture in NSW

This project aimed to obtain background environmental data for a marine aquaculture research lease and commence development of a Marine Waters Sustainable Aquaculture Strategy for NSW. Furthermore, the project aimed to establish the validity of existing models for YTK and Mulloway and determine potential health challenges and their management options in an offshore environment.  Read More

2013/730 Refining Yellowtail Kingfish feeds and feed management

This project sought to identify and improve production diets used for yellowtail kingfish, Seriola lalandi with the goals of reducing FCR, gain a 10% improvement in growth and reduce mortality in sea cage production systems for clean seas tuna (CST).  Read More

2013/731 Improving fluke control in Yellowtail Kingfish culture

This study aims to build on the work conducted in the Australian Seafood CRC project 2008/711, by optimising and improving the safe use of hydrogen peroxide, progressing the development of oral therapeutics of fluke control and identifying the trigger points for their use.  Read More

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