2010/778 Optimising harvest practices of Yellowtail Kingfish
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2010/778 Optimising harvest practices of Yellowtail Kingfish

By Trent D'Antignana


Farmed Yellowtail Kingfish (YTK) is considered to be a premium quality fish, ideal for sashimi and sushi, dishes comprised of raw fish. To be acceptable for such delicacies the flesh has to be oily, firm and slightly translucent, with a fine creamy texture and a delicate flavour. The price received, and the reputation of the supplier, are largely dependent on the quality of the product produced. Therefore it is of great interest to optimise the production of high quality fish, especially in the increasingly competitive white fish market.


This project sought to investigate several issues relating to commercial harvest practices for Yellowtail Kingfish, with the aim of modifying any aspect to improve product quality and/or harvesting efficiency.  



This report was embargoed as commercial in confidence until the conclusion of the Seafood CRC and can now be downloaded below