2013/700 Yellowtail Kingfish genetics: Commercialisation strategies
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2013/700 Yellowtail Kingfish genetics: Commercialisation strategies

 By Wayne Knibb et al.



Clean Seas Tuna are now focusing on YTK and genetics is a key to enhancing the commercial success of YTK production. Not only will a successful genetics program lead to improvements in the quality of the fish and profitability of the program, it will also open an opportunity for the sale of genetically improved seed both nationally and internationally.


This project aimed to:

  1. Maximise the commercial benefit of the genetic program through development of a YTK fingerling export sector
  2. Calculate the commercial value of the genetic program with respect to wild stock in Australia and overseas and undertake a cost benefit analysis of the value of improved YTK sales nationally and internationally
  3. Identify a business case for viability of the genetics program based on benefit to CST in terms of production gains, hatchery efficiency and interstate and international fingerlings sales
  4. Fully Integrate the genetic program with industry operations and develop relevant IP protection methods
  5. Ensure genetic best practice: maximising selection response while minimising inbreeding
  6. Ensure long term commercial value and sustainability of the CST YTK genetic program by limiting inbreeding to 1% and incorporating suitable management proceedures

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