2013/702 AIFST 2013 Annual Convention
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2013/702 AIFST 2013 Annual Convention


By Allan Bremner




The Annual Conventions of the Australian Institute of Food Science & Technology (AIFST) are a perfect opportunity to display research highlights to companies and technologists that produce seafood products for domestic and export sales. Three budding scientists in ASCRC projects presented their work to a wide audience on 15 July in Brisbane at the 2013 Annual Convention of the Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology.


The session, titled ‘Value adding seafood through food science’, was organised through the Technical Committee, and was chaired by Allan Bremner and 4 speakers covered the allotted time from 1110 until 1245 hrs. The audience ranged from 45-55 persons throughout of whom 33 were asked to answer a questionnaire.


The speakers were:

  • Graham Fletcher of NZ Institute for Plant & Food Research who delivered the keynote address “Seafood technology: Where have we been and where are we going’
  • Carl Paulo of Innovative Food Sciences and Technology, DAFF QLD spoke on the CRC/APFA funded work on stability of colour in frozen prawns ‘Assuring techniques to minimise deterioration in frozen cooked aquacultured prawns.’
  • Tom Madigan of SARDI spoke on his work ‘Microbial spoilage of Australian oysters’.
  • Rachel Tonkin of Curtin University presented work titled ‘Fish to Dish: Issues and opportunities for the Saddletail Snapper supply chain’