2009/748 Master Class Series: Seafood marketing
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2009/748 Master Class Series: Seafood marketing

By Nick Danenberg


The Seafood Marketing Master Class series was developed when the Seafood CRC identified that its industry participants did not have a basic core understanding of the fundamentals of marketing. It was also identified that CRC industry participants demonstrated a lack commitment of towards marketing research projects. In response to this, the Ehrenberg Bass Institute of Marketing Science via the University of South Australia was engaged to run a series of Master Classes in the basic principles of marketing with a seafood focus.


The Seafood Marketing Master Class was held across two days and was repeated in eight locations during 2009 and 2010. Through this master class, 110 people were trained in the basics of marketing principles. Topics covered in the master class series included:

  • What is marketing?
  • Understanding your customers needs
  • Turning marketing knowledge into marketing actions
  • Case studies

The course was very well received by all participants and a number of recommendations were made to improve the session. This master class series increased skills of industry and researcher personnel in seafood marketing principles and market knowledge. Furthermore, the class contributed to training and up-skilling the seafood industry workforce. In conclusion, the Seafood Marketing Master Class Series was a successful and effective training exercise for CRC participants providing basic information on marketing principles.