Industry Bursary

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2012/749 TRAIL (Training Rural Australians In Leadership) leadership course

This bursary allowed the recipient to develop and learn leadership skills and strategies through participation in the Australians Rural Leadership Foundation’s TRAIL Leadership Course.  Read More

2012/769 Seafood Executive Program 2014

Three CRC participants were supported to participate in the program that will professionalise the industry and provide personal development opportunities.  Read More

2013/706 Shrimp pathology short course 2013

A training exercise was conducted with the CSIRO to further develop the farmed prawn industry’s diagnostic skills and attain valuable information on an overseas endemic disease of economic importance to industry.  Read More

2013/727 Marketing strategies for profitable growth in China

This travel grant allowed the recipient to attend the 2013 Harvard course entitled “Marketing Strategies for Profitable Growth” based in Shanghai.  Read More

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