2012/769 Seafood Executive Program 2014
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2012/769 Seafood Executive Program 2014


By Tim Rudge



Three CRC participants (Tim Rudge, Coastal Seafarms), William Ren (Craig Mostyn Group) and Andre Gorrisen (Noosa Junction Seafood Market) were supported to participate in a program to help professionalise the industry and provide personal development opportunities in areas such as businesses, management, negotiation and communication.


This report from Tim Rudge of Coastal Seafarms (CSF) details his experiences and outcomes form the program. CSF is part of the Southseas Abalone Group comprising of five abalone farms that produces nearly 500t of abalone per annum. His aim of attending this program was to gain new tools to do his existing job better and to enable him to take on more responsibility as the company grows.