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2008/730 Code of hygienic practice for pathogenic Vibrio spp. in fish and fishery products

This research travel grant was received by Thomas Madigan to attend the Codex Working Group Committee on the Code of Hygienic Practice for Vibrio spp. in Seafood, held in Kyoto, Japan in June 2008.  Read More

2008/782 Development of international scientific partnerships and insights into technical market access for shellfish

This travel grant allowed Dr Catherine McLeod to meet with key personnel from the European commission regarding technical barriers to trade and assist in improving market access for Australian abalone into the EU. The travel also included attendance at the 2009 International Conference on Molluscan Shellfish Safety.  Read More

2009/719 Research exchange to the University of Edinburgh and University of Stirling

This research travel grant was awarded to Assoc Prof Barbara Nowak to investigate amoebic gill disease (AGD) and improve collaboration in this field between Australian and UK researchers.  Read More

2009/720 Research exchange to the University of Patras and mediterranean marine fish hatcheries, attendance at Larvi 2009 and LARVANET workshop

This is a report on the trip taken by Dr Jennifer Cobcroft and Assoc Prof Stephen Battaglene who were invited to visit the aquaculture research laboratories of the University of Patras, Greece and collaborating research and commercial marine fish hatcheries in Greece.  Read More

2009/734 Export study tour to China

Travel was undertaken to the cities of Beijing, Guangzhou and Hong Kong in the People’s Republic of China in August and September 2009 for a period of 18 days. This travel assisted in gaining information on the current status of Chinese food regulatory standards.  Read More

2009/750 Queensland Institute of Medical Research (QIMR) flow cytometry methods course and workshop

This travel grant allowed the CRC PhD student to develop knowledge and skills in flow cytometry at the Queensland Institute of Medical Research.  Read More

2009/751 Short term lab placement in Aberdeen, UK

This research travel grant was awarded to Dr Benita Vincent of the University of Tasmania to conduct a short term lab placement at the Marine Laboratories in Aberdeen to gain skills in new techniques including producing and maintaining primary cell cultures from gill explants and tissues.  Read More

2009/753 Zooplankton research tour and fish hatchery/farm visits

This research travel grant allowed the author, Dr Bennan Chen, to attend and speak at the Aquaseed 2009 international conference in Taiwan. Further to this, tuna and Cobia propagation groups were visited and a research tour was undertaken in Taiwan to investigate the copepod pond production system used for marine larval finfish rearing.  Read More

2009/754 Near infra-red 2009 conference and workshops

This research travel grant assisted in funding Dr Malcolm Brown to undertake travel and training to enhance capabilities in visible near infrared spectroscopy (VNIRS), which may be used to easily determine meat quality in the seafood industry.  Read More

2009/755 Workshop on physical and biochemical methods for analysis for fish as food and subsidiary activities

The researcher attended a PhD training course at the Technical University of Denmark which provided an introduction to a wide suite of biochemical methods that can be used to assess post-mortem changes in fish.  Read More

2009/768 Recombinant DNA techniques course

This research travel grant allowed two PhD students: Paula Lima and Celeste Knowles to travel to Melbourne to undertake the Micromon Recombinant DNA Course conducted by Monash University. This course taught essential techniques and skills which may be used by both students in the course of the PhD studies and throughout their careers.  Read More

2010/713 Market intelligence study tour to Shanghai China

The purpose of this travel to Shanghai, China, as part of a research team to identify the supply chain, customer requirements and opportunities for the Australian oyster industry.  Read More

2010/719 Training in endocrine diagnostic techniques and hormone analysis of thermally challenged Atlantic Salmon broodstock

This research travel grant allowed PhD student Kelli Anderson to travel to Seattle to perform in vitro studies on the effects of elevated temperature and hormonal treatment on the expression of genes involved in reproductive performance in Atlantic Salmon.  Read More

2010/735 8th annual workshop on physiology and aquaculture of pelagics with emphasis on reproduction and early developmental stages of Yellowfin Tuna - Year 1

This research travel grant allowed travel to the 8th annual workshop on physiology and aquaculture of pelagics with emphasis on reproduction and early developmental stages of Yellowfin Tuna.  Read More

2010/760 Market Intelligence study tour to Beijing China – Combination research travel grant, industry bursary and internship

The objective of this study was to develop robust actionable China market intelligence reports for Abalone Council of Australia (ACA) members.  Read More

2010/761 Training in Vibrio methods and risk management

This project was a CRC travel grant and involved a series of training activities in the USA for improved knowledge of the Vibrio monitoring and risk management in oysters.  Read More

2010/762 Study tour to Norway

This research travel grant allowed Dr Richard Taylor to attend the Fish Breeders’ Round Table in Stavanger, Norway and visit research institutions and Atlantic Salmon breeding installations in Norway.  Read More

2010/763 Research trips to the Australian animal health laboratory

This travel grant allowed Mr Vinh Dang to travel from Flinders University, Adelaide to the Australian Animal Health Laboratory (AAHL), Geelong, on two separate occasions to obtain training to work in a PC-3 laboratory, learn new laboratory techniques and conduct research in relation to an abalone herpes virus.  Read More

2011/705 Fish immunology workshop, Wageningen University The Netherlands

This research travel grant allowed a Seafood CRC PhD student, Victoria Valdenegro Vega to participate in the Fish Immunology Workshop 2011 in the Netherlands.  Read More

2011/707 The 9th annual workshop on the reproduction and early development of Yellowfin Tuna - Year 2

This research travel grant allowed the author to participate in the annual workshop on the reproduction and early development of Yellowfin Tuna, at the Achotines Research Laboratory in Panama.  Read More

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