Project Summaries Catalogue


Front PageThe aim of the Project Summaries Catalogue was to summarise the research completed to date for our participants and other stakeholders. With over 400 projects completed in our programs, it was critical that the findings of research projects were made available and communicated to the end user and wider community. Furthermore, the Seafood CRC implemented an extensive education and training program, including higher education and high school initiatives, master classes, research travel grants, industry bursaries and visiting experts funds.

The Catalogue is categorised into sections based on species and/or major research themes across the Seafood CRC suite of programs. It presents a summary of each project, the benefits to the industry and research community, and a list of the outputs generated from the project. The full reports summarised in this catalogue are either available for download from the Seafood CRC website or, when commercial in confidence, can be requested from the FRDC.

Download a copy of the project summaries catalogue here