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2008/751 A business plan for the Australian Barramundi industry

This project aimed to develop a business plan, agreed by the Association and key industry stakeholders, that identifies the key strategic priorities to be achieved in the next three years, allocates responsibilities for managing the plan and identifies the financial and other resources required.  Read More

2008/758 Development of a genetic management and improvement strategy for Australian cultured Barramundi

This study identified and prioritised the research and steps that need to be taken to establish a sound program for genetic improvement of Barramundi farmed in Australia.  Read More

2008/915 Australian Barramundi Farmers Association - R&D planning, implementation, extension and utilisation

This project contributed to coordinating the planning, implementation, and reporting of R&D projects conducted by the Seafood CRC to achieve the outcomes specified in the Australian Barramundi Farmers Association (ABFA) Strategic Plan and facilitate the Barramundi farming industry participation in Seafood CRC projects and the extension and utilisation of the project results.  Read More

2009/730 Development of Barramundi selective breeding entity II

The intention of this project was to position the Barramundi industry to begin a genetically and economically sustainable genetic improvement program that will provide large economic benefits in the future.  Read More

2009/775 Prevention of muddy taints in farmed Barramundi

This project aimed to develop a simple summary of aspects pertinent to Australian fish farming conditions, from which best practice options can be selected for trialing. This knowledge may be used to assist in preventing muddy taints in Barramundi.  Read More

2010/725 Capturing and maintaining genetic diversity for the establishment of a longterm breeding program for Barramundi (Lates calcarifer) aquaculture

This thesis has investigated the main steps in creating a productive base population for the longevity of a selective breeding program for Barramundi.  Read More

2010/757 Reducing the taint in Barramundi farmed in recirculating freshwater systems

This project aimed to develop an algae-taint production model for recirculation systems. This innovative approach will provide clear and measurable direction for reducing taint compound levels through provision of a practical management tool. Its use will significantly improve knowledge of the balance between water quality, algicide use and purging time and conditions, and taint variability.  Read More

2011/721 Understanding and minimising "greying" of farmed Barramundi fillets

A series of qualitative assays were undertaken to provide the proof that the ‘greying’ of the dorsal fillet flank in Barramundi is caused by melanin.  Read More

2012/723 Performance of Barramundi from widespread genetic sources in diverse grow out environments

This project aimed identify the most appropriate strain of barramundi for seacage culture in northern Australia to ensure the long-term economic viability of the country’s largest barramundi producer and to enable other enterprises to establish in this region.  Read More

2014/708 Stamping Quality Across the Australian Farmed Barramundi Industry

To improve viability, increase growth and maintain profitability, it was identified, through the CRC project “Barramundi branding and repositioning program”, that there needs to be a commitment to quality (along with sustainability) to justify the price differential between Australian farmed Barramundi and Lates calcarifer provided by other suppliers.  Read More

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