30 June 2015 marks the closure of the Australian Seafood CRC (2007 - 2015) , and what has been an exciting and informative period for the oyster industry in Australia. We would like to say thank you to the Australian Seafood CRC for all they have achieved for the Australian seafood industry.

To mark this period, a video has been created which summarises what the Australian oyster industry was like and where it is headed, as well as the key areas the Seafood CRC has worked to strengthen. Throughout the video you will spot many well known faces in our industry, who alongside all of you continue to make the future strong and healthy.








Love Australian Prawns


In an Australian first, prawn farmers joined forces with the wild catch prawn industry to develop a national marketing and promotional strategy (Project No. 2011/736). The aim of the strategy was to:

  1. Increase value and volume for Australian prawns;
  2. Increase desire for and desirability of Australian prawns; and
  3. Give Australian prawns a special place in the eating habits of Australians.

The 'Love Australian Prawns' market strategy and logo was launched in October/November 2012 and the national launch of the marketing campaign was in September 2014. The videos below give some insights into the processes involved in this campaign and the success of 'Love Australian Prawns'.



Prawn Marketing Works!





Campaign 2015 - Love Australian Prawns





Australian Prawns Recipe Shoot Behind the Scenes






Australian Wild Abalone










Southern Bluefin Tuna



Bluefin Tuna are a premium product and highly desired by consumers, but their wild capture is currently limited by strict catch quotas to ensure the sustainability of tuna fisheries. Australia is currently at the forefront of research and technology development to allow propagation of Southern Bluefin Tuna in aquaculture. The video below shows the partnership between the Australian Seafood CRC and Clean Seas Tuna that is enabling this research and development.


Million Dollar Tuna Babies









What's Hatching?



The Aquaculture Production Innovation Hub (Phase II) (Project No. 2012/756) focussed on research extension activities in the finfish, crustacean and shellfish sectors and on increasing trans-Tasman communications among aquaculture producers and researchers. As a part of this project, novel communication platforms were trialled, including two editions of the What’s Hatching talking news, which can be viewed below.




What's Hatching - Episode 1





What's Hatching - Episode 2