Southern Rocklobster

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2006/216 Development of supply chain, distribution and communication tools to support entry of Australian Southern Rocklobster into the super-premium fine-dining sector in the USA

The current trading paradigm of the Australian Southern Rocklobster (ASR) industry has primarily targeted export to China and Hong Kong. However, due to recent market fluctuations, this has resulted in significant value collapse throughout the whole ASR industry, which has highlighted the need to spread risk in order to buffer against the impacts of the single product/single market paradigm. This project investigates the development of supply chain, distribution and communication tools to suppor  Read More

2006/220 Spatial management of Southern Rocklobster fisheries to improve yield, value and sustainability

This project investigated alternatives to the existing management regimes for southern rock lobster. Three approaches to managing a fishery with large-scale geographic variation were evaluated with all appearing to provide opportunity for sustainable increase in the value of harvests.  Read More

2009/714.20 Decision support tools for economic optimisation of Southern Rock Lobster

This project aimed to produce bioeconomic analysis tools for Southern Rocklobster fisheries and determine management strategies using economic models.  Read More

2009/762 Assessing the costs and benefits of changing shot rotation practices in the Southern Rocklobster fishery

This thesis used the Tasmanian Southern Rocklobster (TSRL) fishery in Australia as a case study to assess changing fishing practices and behaviour of fishers under individual transferable quota (ITQ) management.  Read More

2012/765 Southern Rocklobster clean green business framework

This project was established to assist Southern Rocklobster Ltd complete a Clean Green business framework that could be the basis for an ongoing, financially sustainable, not for profit business activity.  Read More

2013/713 Understanding and reducing the risk of paralytic shellfish toxins in Southern Rock Lobster

This project aimed to provide management options to the Southern Rock Lobster industry to reduce the impacts of algal blooms. Further work was done to reduce technical barriers to trade for Australian rock lobsters in key markets through using the risk assessment output of the project to negotiate risk based standards and to enhance R&D capability on marine biotoxins and market access in Australia  Read More

2014/726 Measuring condition of lobsters to improve management of harvesting around periods of high transport mortality

This project provides the first comprehensive quantitative assessment of the health, physiological and nutritional condition of brindle and red lobsters from four different fishing areas of Tasmania at the start of the 2015 fishing season.  Read More

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