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2011/708 Training on novel methods for detection of pathogenic Vibrio parahaemolyticus in seafood

International limits for Vibrios in seafood are increasingly being mandated. This means that Australian seafood will be subjected to increased testing regimes to meet market access requirements. The objective of this travel was to visit and learn from Professor Mitsuaki Mishibuchi at Kyoto University Japan.  Read More

2011/713 Shrimp pathology course: Disease diagnosis and control, University of Arizona, USA and visit to shrimp biotechnology business unit, Thailand

This research travel grant allowed Seafood CRC PhD student, Daniel Pountney to travel to Thailand and Arizona to investigate current research and industry practices in regards to prawn aquaculture.  Read More

2011/752 World Seafood Congress and collaboration with Dr Salina Parveen to discuss comparisons of Vibrio parahaemolyticus models for Australian Pacific, Sydney Rock and American Oysters at the University of Maryland

Through this travel grant, the results of these projects were communicated to an international audience of industry and government representatives at the World Seafood Congress. Furthermore, the grant provided an opportunity to meet with Dr Salina Parveen, from the USA Food and Drug Administration regarding the development of predictive models to manage the risk of Vibrio species in oysters.  Read More

2011/753 Pre-commercial trials of research outcomes at industry partner Simplot Australia

The objective of this research travel grant is to develop Australian Seafood CRC PhD student Shan He’s professional knowledge of transferring laboratory-scale results to a pre-commercial food model for industry benefit, and also build his professional skills and industry experience. This project allowed Shan He to conduct a one month industry visit to Simplot Australia, the project’s industry partner.  Read More

2012/717 Attendance at the economics of Aquaculture course, Portsmouth University (UK)

CRC PhD student Andrew King was awarded a travel grant to attend a course on the economics of aquaculture held at the University of Portsmouth, UK in April 2012.  Read More

2012/718 Targeted meetings with key research providers and industry personnel in the UK relevant to CRC projects 2011/703 and 2011/735

The travel grant supported meetings with researchers and industry in the UK to underpin existing collaborations and develop/ extend research partnerships to support seafood CRC project outcomes.  Read More

2012/719 Hands-on operational experience and training at the Port Stephens Research Institute marine finfish hatchery, Port Stephens Fisheries Institute, Taylors Beach, NSW

This grant provided the opportunity to broaden both knowledge and practical skills through gaining experience with new species and hatchery techniques in a premiere aquaculture research facility.  Read More

2012/720 Learning the practical aspects of using clay particles to improve bacterial management during marine larval culture, University of Miami, Experimental Marine Hatchery

The aim of this research travel grant was to assess the potential for clay to replace green water during marine finfish larval culture and to learn and develop these techniques with the hope of applying this information to the Australian industry.  Read More

2012/721 Symposium and AOAC task force meeting, University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, Washington, USA; and workshop on lipophilic marine toxins, Washington State Public Health Laboratory, Seattle, USA

AOAC International’s Pacific Northwest meeting in Tacoma represented an opportunity for the Seafood CRC to participate at an important gathering of global experts in the field of algal toxin analysis and research.  Read More

2012/727 Visit by Dr. Standish K. Allen Jr. from the Virginia Institute of Marine Science

This bursary provided a personal development opportunity and support for a PhD student with analysis of samples.  Read More

2012/751 “R” basic and, design and analysis of experiments workshop

This research travel grant allowed a CRC PhD student to attend a training course on the introduction to the statistical software “R”, at the Centre of Applied Statistics, the University of Western Australia.  Read More

2012/752: Laboratory visit to be trained to analyse oyster (Sydney Rock Oyster) histology sections

The aim of this travel grant was to allow the student to learn how to analyse stained oyster (Sydney Rock Oyster) histology sections, in order to assess the impact of salinity on the oysters.  Read More

2012/753 Analysis of gene expression and function involved with fat deposition in Yellowtail Kingfish, using RNA-seq data, NOFIMA, Norway

The primary objective was to receive training in analysing RNA-seq data, from experts in aquaculture bioinformatics.  Read More

2013/719 A report on completion of a three week internship in Canada to determine GSM/MIB in fish-flesh

This short-term internship involved hands-on experience of preparation and analysing off-flavour compounds in fish-flesh.  Read More

2014/703 Laboratory visit to Carlton University, Canada to work with Dr. Maria DeRosa

Dr Torok spent two weeks during 2014 in the laboratory of Dr Maria DeRosa at Carlton University undertaking experiments to generate specific bioreceptors (aptamers) for human norovirus (NoV).  Read More

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