2009/734 Export study tour to China
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2009/734 Export study tour to China

By David Padula


Travel was undertaken to the cities of Beijing, Guangzhou and Hong Kong in the People's Republic of China in August and September 2009 for a period of 18 days. The visit included attendance at the Dioxin 2009 Symposium on Persistent Halogenated Organic Pollutants in Beijing. Meetings were held with Chinese Government officials who have responsibility for food regulatory controls for residues and contaminants, border control inspection and quarantine and nutritional labelling requirements for foods. Information collected during this trip will benefit communal and non-communal Seafood CRC research projects.

The travel allowed a range of formal and informal meetings to take place in China and Hong Kong including at the Dioxin 2009 Symposium. The visit allowed for face to face discussions on technical laboratory methodology issues, interpretation of residue and contaminant standards and access to key technical regulatory officials and hands-on researchers.

Visits were made to Chinese and Hong Kong laboratories which undertake port of entry testing of aquatic products. Furthermore, discussions were held with authors of Chinese food regulatory standards which set Maximum Residue Limits (MRLs) in aquatic products. A senior standards writer in the Chinese Ministry of Health advised that there will be a consolidation process of all Chinese standards, triggered by the melamine scandal in dairy products. This process will eventually see the Ministry of Health being the only agency that can issue food regulatory standards.