Wild-Caught Prawns

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2008/793 Prawn industry black spot management: problem size and appropriate research

This project developed a questionnaire that was completed by industry prawn fishers in relation to the presence of black spot in prawns and the treatment of this condition.  Read More

2008/793.10 Optimising quality within domestic prawn value chains

The aim of this project was to undertake a value chain analysis (VCA) on four Australian prawn fisheries. This project resulted in an understanding of the key barriers and drivers for the purchase of prawns, the positioning of prawns relative to other seafood products, and the consumer purchase process for prawns. This information can now be used to potentially build upon to identify new market opportunities.  Read More

2009/731 Develop priority projects for the Australian Council of Prawn Fishers

This project identified a number of projects that have been completed by the CRC that were relevant to the ACPF, assisted in the creation of a regular industry R&D Forum.  Read More

2009/774 Harvest strategy evaluations and co-management for the Moreton Bay Trawl Fishery

The project was an initiative of the Moreton Bay Seafood Industry Association (MBSIA), primarily in response to falling profitability in the Moreton Bay prawn trawl fishery.  Read More

2010/743 Maintenance of optimum quality for Western King Prawns

The objective of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) on cooked and raw Western King Prawn quality, and extension of their shelf life.  Read More

2011/747 Setting standards to maximise the quality of Australian wild-caught prawns

The Australian wild-caught prawn industry has identified the need for improved product handling and quality assurance practices, through Australian Council of Prawn Fisheries (ACPF) Board meetings and from individual member feedback. Variable quality across the industry is a key issue, and leads to reduced value to the fishers, therefore this area is identified as a key priority by the ACPF. This project aimed to address product handling and quality assurance practices and guide fishers and crew  Read More

2011/749 Funding options for the Australian wild-catch prawn industry

A project investigating funding options for the Australia prawn industry.  Read More

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