2009/768 Recombinant DNA techniques course
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2009/768 Recombinant DNA techniques course

By Celeste Knowles


This research travel grant allowed two PhD students: Paula Lima and Celeste Knowles to travel to Melbourne to undertake the Micromon Recombinant DNA Course conducted by Monash University. This course taught essential techniques and skills which may be used by both students in the course of the PhD studies and throughout their careers.

The Monash Recombinant DNA Techniques Course is widely recognised as the leading course of its type in Australia, which consists of a series of tutorials, lectures and hands on laboratory work.

These students aimed to use the techniques learned to investigate amoebic gill disease in Atlantic Salmon which costs the industry $20-25 million annually. Both students have reported that the techniques learned during the course have been used on a regular basis since returning from Melbourne.