Product and Market Development

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2003/237 Development of a Quality Index for Australian Seafoods

This project updated the Australian Seafood Quality Index manual with eight new species.  Read More

2007/700 Critical evaluation of supply-chain temperature profile

A Critical Evaluation of Supply-Chain Temperature Profiles to Optimise Food Safety and Quality of Australian Oysters  Read More

2007/703 Intervention strategies to maintain safety and quality in a range of value added products made with under-utilised Southern and Eastern Scalefish and Shark Fishery species

In 2006, Sydney Fish Market (SFM) took a strategic decision to develop a sub-brand called Market Pride. Through this project, SFM was able to underpin the new product development that was required to launch the Market Pride range of value-added products  Read More

2007/708 Predicitve and rapid diagnostic technologies for the seafood industry: A literature review

Predictive and rapid diagnostic technologies are becoming well established in the food industry to deal with issues of safety, spoilage and shelf-life. This study comprised a review of predictive and rapid diagnostic technologies for the seafood industry.  Read More

2007/709 Review of technical market access issues relevant to Australian seafood industry members of the Australian Seafood CRC

This report is a review of technical market issues in the Australian seafood industry and opportunities for both domestic and international collaboration. This information provides a basis for determining where to invest in research and development.  Read More

2007/710 Review of traceability and freshness

Australia enjoys a high level of food quality from a clean safe environment, which is being used to brand and position them forefront of the consumers mind. However, like many other countries, we face the challenge of continually improving food quality.  Read More

2007/712 Assessment of infrastructure and priority needs for the Seafood CRC technical market access support program

This project involved an examination of seafood industry technical market access and support arrangements through website and document research and consultations with seafood industry stakeholders, government organisations and representatives from the horticulture, meat, wine and dairy industries.  Read More

2007/713 Functional foods review

This report examines seafood related global activity in the functional foods area with the aim of contributing to conceptual frameworks for the Australian seafood industry.  Read More

2007/719 Protecting the safety and quality of Australian oysters with integrated predictive tools

This project aimed to produce a validated and robust Vibrio parahaemolyticus model that is approved by Australian and international regulatory bodies to manage the live oyster cold chain, control the risk of disease and provide greater access to national and international markets.  Read More

2008/717 Improving quality of Australian sardines through utilization of flow-ice technology

This project assessed the utility of flow-ice in preserving the freshness of Australian Sardines from the point of harvest to processing, and wholesale and retail supply chains.  Read More

2008/721 European Seafood Exposition survey report

This report details the findings of European Seafood Exposition survey conducted in Brussels in April 2008.  Read More

2008/729 Risk assessment of sulphites in Australian canned abalone

The permitted level of sulphites in canned abalone is 0 ppm in China’s food regulations and 1000 ppm in Australia’s food regulations. China is a major importer of Australian canned abalone, both directly and via Hong Kong, and enforcement of the 0 ppm sulphites in canned abalone has resulted in trade failures. This project conducted a risk assessment of the food safety risk of sulphites in Australian canned abalone. This will provided the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service (AQIS) and Aust  Read More

2008/735 Trade issues affecting the Australian seafood industry

This report, commissioned by the Australian Seafood Cooperative Research Centre, briefly examines the major international trade negotiations in which Australia has participated or is participating.  Read More

2008/738 Process development for the production of fish protein hydrolysates from fish processing co-products for food applications

The aim of this study was to develop cost-efficient integrated process for the production of fish protein hydrolysates (FPH) from fish processing co-products (FPCP) for food applications.  Read More

2008/740 An examination of buyer behaviour and market structures in a seafood auction context

This research was conducted by CRC PhD student Vipul Pare who examined of buyer behaviour and market structures in a seafood auction context.  Read More

2008/741 Human enteric viruses in Australian bivalve molluscan shellfish

This PhD project aimed to establish 'state of the art' virus testing procedures for bivalve molluscan shellfish, to establish background virus levels in key Australian shellfisheries and toidentify future risk assessment and management work. This should provide a platform to 'future-proof' the Australian shellfish sector against virus regulation and consequential market access ramifications.  Read More

2008/742 Discovery of novel saponins as potential future drugs from sea cucumber viscera

This project describes strategies to utilize Sea Cucumber viscera to develop value-added bioproducts.  Read More

2008/753 Oysters Australia: Market directions workshop

This workshop focused on marketing directions for the Australian oyster industry. The current status of the oyster industry was discussed along with marketing goals up to 2014 and marketing strategies for the next 3-5 years.  Read More

2008/768 Seafood innovation through molecular biology

The goal of the Seafood Molecular Biologist position was to apply DNA-based techniques to a range of existing problems within the seafood industry. The three projects developed covered shellfish aquaculture, the processing of Atlantic Salmon and supply chains in the wild prawn fishery.  Read More

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