Simplot Australia Pty Ltd


Simplot Australia is a wholly owned subsidiary of the JR Simplot Company, a privately held food and agribusiness corporation based in Boise, Idaho.


The Simplot company was founded by J.R (Jack) Simplot in the 1930’s.  From the humble beginnings of Idahoan potato farming,  JR Simplot Company is now a multinational food and agri-business with annual sales of more than $US3 billion.


Simplot Australia was founded in 1995 when the J R Simplot Company acquired some of Australia’s favourite food brand businesses including Edgell, Chiko, Birds Eye, Harvest and Leggo’s.  From that time the company has continued to develop through acquisition of businesses such as John West, Lean Cuisine, Papa Giuseppe and product innovation.  The Australian management team is committed to enhance the well being of our consumers by delivering nutritious food products that represent quality, value and convenience.


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