Marine Fish Farmers Association of Western Australia

The Marine Fishfarmers Association of Western Australian, comprising Geralton's Indian Ocean Fresh and Perth-based Marine Produce Australia, joined the Seafood CRC as a supporting participant in late 2011. 


Together with the Dr Graham Mair - Program Manager of Production Innovation with the Australian Seafood CRC - the Marine Fish Farmers Association works with Challenger TAFE to undertake research to address removal of identified barriers to commercial scale production of Yellowtail Kingfish (YTK) in temperate waters such as the aquatic climate found off the coast of Western Australia.

The program involves three individual research projects that aim to overcome the issues identified during a pilot grow-out of YTK conducted in Geralton, Western Australia. The three areas identified require individual research projects each with their own suit of researchers.

The Marine Fish Farmers Association's involvement in these projects will bring industry closer to the removal of these barriers and will enable the development of a commercial industry for YTK in the so far underutilised waters of Western Australia.


Seafood CRC contact: Greg Jenkins

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