Department of Primary Industries, New South Wales

The Department of Primary Industries, New South Wales acts in partnership with industry and other public sector organisations to foster profitable and sustainable development of primary industries in New South Wales.


The Department is protecting and conserving fisheries resources while maintaining profitable commercial and enjoyable recreational fishing sectors. The Department is also the lead agency in developing the policy framework for the management of Queensland's fisheries resources and the development of a profitable fisheries industry.


The Department also conducts research and development in aquaculture, mainly from their research facility in Port Stephens. With increasing pressure on wild fish stocks, aquaculture is a growing industry for New South Wales.


The aquaculture unit is responsible for working with the industries, the community and other agencies to ensure aquaculture develops in a sustainable manner - both environmentally and economically. The unit has been responsible for pioneering the farming of a number of species such as Silver Perch, Snapper and oysters.


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