2012/765 Southern Rocklobster clean green business framework
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2012/765 Southern Rocklobster clean green business framework


By Carlyn Sherriff



This project was established to assist Southern Rocklobster Ltd complete a Clean Green business framework that could be the basis for an ongoing, financially sustainable, not for profit business activity. A business framework was prepared which is designed to enable Clean Green to achieve the following:

  1. Operate with a self-sufficient financial model with no external funds required for management, promotions and auditing,
  2. Ensure the majority of the harvest sector are participating in the program,
  3. Access funding for extension and training activities (where required),
  4. Gain recognition by regulators and other government agencies that Clean Green is the premier product standard,
  5. Gain recognition for a Skills Set or qualification associated with the program for industry operators, and
  6. Engage with the complete Rocklobster supply chain