2013/750 Sydney Fish Market supply chain opportunities
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2013/750 Sydney Fish Market supply chain opportunities


By Gus Dannoun



Sydney Fish Market (SFM) is Australia’s largest seafood market, and a popular destination with both local and international visitors. However, as part of its strategic planning process, SFM identified that it did not have a clear understanding of fisher’s reasons for choosing a distribution channel for their fish, nor how SFM’s offer stacked up against these expectations. As a result, SFM commissioned work to survey suppliers nationally to address this gap.


The work was conducted between July and September 2014, with 211 suppliers responding to the survey either on-line or via telephone.


The data generated allowed SFM to map individual components of its offering (for example, speed of payment, fairness of grading etc.) against the fisher’s perceived importance of these attributes. This allowed SFM to prioritise some initial actions to address perceived shortcomings, as well as to begin work to develop variations on its trading model to attract other suppliers to SFM.

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