2008/913 Interpretive overview of seafood consumer research
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2008/913 Interpretive overview of seafood consumer research

By Market Strategy Ltd

The ‘Interpretative Overview of Consumer Seafood Research in Australia’ is a result of the CRC Retail Transformation project. This project indentified the need to review and consolidate the existing research available and assess its usefulness.
Publically available research was gathered from SEA, CRC and FRDC in consultation with various industry professionals. The work was assessed by Market Strategy Ltd, a commercial market development agency.

This research identifies the need for general socio economic information, food trend information, specific seafood trend information and specific seafood performance information. Gaps in Australian research knowledge are identified in all these areas, along with potential sources of information. The current research is found to lack currency, consistency and accuracy. It also lacks trended perspectives and structured recommendations of consumer responses to research results.