2008/913 Australian seafood market opportunity scoping
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2008/913 Australian seafood market opportunity scoping

By Market Strategy Ltd


As part of the CRC Retail Transformation project, it was identified that it would be beneficial to attempt to quantify the size of the opportunity in seafood retail for the Australian seafood industry.

Scoping the opportunity (in value and volume terms) is a fundamental business principle. It allows the business to see if the opportunity is worth pursuing and how much resource might be invested in realising the opportunity.

At the outset, an opportunity is scoped in general terms so the business can decide – does this opportunity look like it is worth investigating in more detail? During the development process the opportunity is then quantified more precisely so a business case evaluation can be made.

This document attempts to highlight the former information – is the opportunity worth investigating in more detail? Unfortunately, the quality and quantity of publically available information are quite poor.