2008/776 European seafood market information
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2008/776 European seafood market information

Prepared By Market Strategy Ltd


Market Strategy Ltd was commissioned by Primary Industry and Resources South Australia (PIRSA) to undertake an Australian Seafood Cooperative Research Centre (ASCRC) project.

During the course of this project, a large amount of information was discovered on the European Seafood Market. Both PIRSA and the ASCRC decided that this information might be useful to other Australian seafood businesses looking at the European market.


As such, the information has been developed into this stand alone report. Information in this report includes:
1. Background information on the European Union
2. General European food trends
3. European Union seafood overview
4. European seafood consumption
5. An overview of Europe's major seafood markets

Readers should note that this is not a definitive report on opportunities in the European Seafood Market (as that was not the brief of the project) and does not concentrate on every sector and every channel in Europe. Businesses should give careful thought to the information contained within the report and consider the need to find additional information, dependent on individual needs.

Readers should be aware that this data was gathered mainly from public information, available from credible European websites. Market Strategy Ltd, PIRSA and the ASCRC are not responsible for the accuracy of this information and encourage all businesses to perform their own due diligence before making decisions based on the information contained in this report.