2009/729 Australian edible oyster industry business plan 2009-2014
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2009/729 Australian edible oyster industry business plan 2009-2014

By CDI Pinnacle Management Pty Ltd


The Australian oyster industry comprises approximately 550+ individuals and businesses located principally in three states, NSW, South Australia and Tasmania. A predominately family owned, owner-operated industry in 2007, the industry had a projected net farm gate value of between $90 and $100 million. Including owner operators, the industry employs in the vicinity of 2,000 full and part time employees and owners.


This Business Plan provides a national Business R&D plan to the Australian oyster growing sector for the period 2010-2014.


The Business Plan lists 3 core objectives for the Oyster Consortium to address.
1. To sustainably increase industry production to 20 million dozen, net profit by 10% and industry Gross Value of Production (GVP) to $120 million per annum.
2. To increase oyster consumption by 13% to 0.93 dozen per capita and achieve an 80% satisfaction rating from our markets and customers through the supply of consistently high quality oysters.
3. Through the formation of a national industry organization, build capacity, leadership and confidence in the industry through the services it provides to growers and others.