2010/714 Master Class Series: Future harvest
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2010/714 Master Class Series: Future harvest

By Emily Ogier


This project involved the development of one day intensive Master Class in fisheries economics which was delivered to fisheries managers, research scientists, industry representatives and other interested stakeholders. Objectives of the Future Harvest Master Class were to:

  1. Improve capacity of fisheries managers, biologists, industry representatives and members of advisory committees to integrate economic factors, processes and principles into assessment and decision-making processes.
  2. Support the achievement of Future Harvest outcomes by ensuring there is strong understanding of, support for and uptake of decision-support tools (Western Rocklobster and Southern Rocklobster); quota - size limit trade offs (Abalone Council of Australia and Tasmanian Seafoods); and rationalisation of capital (Australian Council of Prawn Fisheries).

Training resources were developed and trialed. These included teaching presentations, support and extension material, and the FisheriesExplorer1.0 bioeconomic modeling software program and hardware for use as a hands-on teaching activity.

Nationally 121 people participated in the nine classes offered. Response to the Future Harvest Master Class has been very positive: 84% felt that the Future Harvest Master Class had substantively improved their understanding of the role of fisheries economics in future harvest decisions.

By increasing the economic capability of participants, the project has been able to contribute to an increased capacity for change in fisheries management and support for Future Harvest theme outcomes. Evaluation and further review by the project team has also led to identification of areas where further revision and extension of project outputs would enhance the achievement of the project's objectives on an on-going basis.