Western Australian Fishing Industry Council

The Western Australian Fishing Industry Council (WAFIC) was created by industry more than 30 years ago to represent the interests of the seafood, pearling and aquaculture industries and to work in partnership with government to set the directions for the management of commercial fisheries in Western Australia. Membership is drawn from 46 regional fishing, industry associations and exporting companies.

Management of Western Australian fisheries is about to undergo a radical change and WAFIC will play an important role in working with industry and government in the process of establishing the new framework.

WAFIC plays a significant role in relation to native title issues. It acts as an industry representative for Western Australian fishing, pearling and crown land aquaculture interests and is an active respondent to native title claims.

WAFIC also promotes training, occupational health and safety, and seafood quality initiatives to industry and is involved in creating and funding major research and development projects within the state. It also rewards the pursuit of excellence within the industry through its biennial Fishing Industry Awards.

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