Southern Rocklobster Ltd

Southern Rocklobster fishing is a significant and expanding industry in Australia, generating an economic output of $478.8 million in 2001-02 and already 3400 full time job equivalents. It is one of Australia's leading and most valuable seafood export industries.

The Australian Southern Rocklobster industry exports around 4000 tonnes of product annually, predominantly to Asia with China, Hong Kong and Japan the main recipients. This is 90 per cent of the annual harvest and is valued at almost $200 million and also equates to an injection of around $0.5 billion into regional economies annually. 

Growth in international demand continues to improve export prices and the gross value of production for the fishery. The total catch remains relatively stable, as managers and fishers alike have taken steps to ensure the industry's long-term sustainability. The Southern Zone Rocklobster Fishery (South Australia) had its Total Allowable Commercial Catch increased from 1,770 tonnes to 1,900 tonnes for the 2003/2004 lobster season.  

Additionally, the industry is embracing an environmentally sustainable approach to its operations. In 2004 more than 200 Southern Rocklobster industry members undertook training and auditing in a groundbreaking strategy to showcase the industry's Clean Green credentials.

Lobster contains Omega-3 oil, which contains high levels of the essential fatty acids EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). Both DHA and EPA are pivotal in helping prevent heart disease, cancer – including breast cancer -  and many other diseases.

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