Abalone Council Australia Ltd

In the lAustralian Abaloneast four years, the individual state Abalone Associations have united in a joint effort to address the significant challenges faced and opportunities available to the wild capture abalone industry. Together, industry leaders have launched the Abalone Council Australia Ltd as the national peak industry body for the wild catch industry.The Abalone Council of Australia takes a national approach to investing in their industry's future.


Their aims include dedicated market research and promotion, continuing investment in research and development projects, open communication channels and collaboration of industry knowledge.The mission of the Australian Abalone Council is to create a healthy fishery resource managed for the benefit of the industry and the Australian community. Specific goals for the next ten years include:

Farmed Abalone

  • An Australian national wild abalone brand driven by a national quality assurance and product integrity program
  • An increased industry gross value of production (in real terms) of 25% by 2012 to $A268 million and to 50% by 2017 representing $A321 million
  • A reduction in illegal harvest (real terms) by 50% saving $11 million by 2012 and saving $5 milion by 2017 (75% saving)
  • Develop a national biosecurity code of practice to be adopted by all wild and aquaculture abalone operators
  • Ensure all wild fishers are members of the Abalone Council of Australia

Contact the Abalone Council of Australia:

Dean Lisson - Executive Officer

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