Product and Market Development

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2008/776 European seafood market information

An overview of seafood markets in European countries including France, Spain, Italy, UK, Germany, Portugal, Russia and other Euro markets.  Read More

2008/777 Australian oyster industry supply chain analysis and improvement strategy

The study completed a detailed financial breakdown of eight oyster supply chains from grower to consumer.  Read More

2008/779 Omnibus consumer research findings - wave 1

This report documents the findings of a national survey conducted in late November to early December 2009.  Read More

2008/779 Omnibus consumer research findings - wave 2

This report documents the findings of a national survey on seafood conducted from late December 2010.  Read More

2008/779 Tracking seafood consumption and measuring consumer acceptance of innovation in the Australian seafood industry

This report documents the findings of a communal project undertaken on behalf of the Australian Seafood CRC to track seafood consumption and measure consumer acceptance of innovation in the Australian seafood industry.  Read More

2008/781 Australian Seafood Productivity Improvement Centre (ASPIC)

The project provided technical and project management support for CRC projects listed under the Sellfish Theme and OzSeaValue Themes, in particular around the topics of seafood processing and and processing operations such as refrigeration and freezing efficiency, work flow redesign, packaging and freight arrangements.  Read More

2008/790 CoolFish: Traceability and product sensor technologies to manage seafood cool chains

The overall objective of the CoolFish project is to utilise commercial traceability and product sensor technologies to address current business impediments and business opportunities in cool chains to support increased sustainability and profitability in seafood supply chains.  Read More

2008/794 Retail Transformation Project

Welcome to the Pre Prospectus for the Australian Seafood CRC Retail Transformation Project.  Read More

2008/794.10 Retail transformation: Identifying opportunities for creating consumer-focussed Australian salmon value-added products

This project aimed increase the acceptance and enhance the perception of the Australian Salmon, and to investigate recommendations for possible product formats in the Australian market.  Read More

2008/794.20 Retail Transformation: Repositioning Australian farmed Barramundi in the domestic market

This project aimed to develop a repositioning strategy for the domestic market that would enable Australian farmed product to be differentiated from its competitors and deliver on consumer expectations for quality and price.  Read More

2008/794.30 Identifying opportunities for creating consumer focused Australian Salmon value added products

The aim of this study is to gain some understanding of the factors that influence consumers when considering purchasing Australian salmon.  Read More

2008/799 Marine biotoxin diagnostic capability and capacity in Australia: A business review and implementation plan

This study called for a review of Australia’s expertise in marine biotoxins, based around three objectives: to identify and cost potential methods of improving biotoxin expertise in Australia, to develop a business case for establishing robust biotoxin diagnostic capability and capacity that meets both the industry and regulatory needs, now and into the future, and if the business case is proven to develop an Implementation Plan in conjunction with a commercial providers that will establish a cl  Read More

2008/906 Seafood trade and market access portal

The objective of this study was to establish a web portal service on technical food safety and trade rules of countries importing Australian seafood.  Read More

2008/909 Market Access for Abalone

The EU market has effectively been closed to Australian abalone since March 2007 due to EU requirements regarding marine biotoxin and microbiological monitoring programs. This project investigated levels of paralytic shellfish toxins (PSTs) in abalone.  Read More

2008/913 Australian seafood market opportunity scoping

This study attempts to quantify the size of retail opportunity for seafood in Australia.  Read More

2008/913 Interpretive overview of seafood consumer research

The ‘Interpretative Overview of Consumer Seafood Research in Australia’ is a result of the CRC Retail Transformation project. This project indentified the need to review and consolidate the existing research available and assess its u  Read More

2009/701 Australian oyster industry benchmarking program development

The project aimed to improve average net margin of benchmarking project participants by 2% through implementation of identified profitable practices.  Read More

2009/708 Abalone product integrity and quality assurance

This project aimed to establish an ACA Ltd Quality Assurance and Product Integrity Program through the supply chain that is applied to all legally harvested Australian abalone.  Read More

2009/709 Improving the supply chain for selected Western Australian finfish

This project aimed to increase profitability in at least two Western Australian finfish supply chains, increase industry knowledge and capacity to undertaken supply chain analysis and increase research capacity in finfish supply chain analysis.  Read More

2009/712 Future Harvest Theme Leadership

This project describes the target outcomes and strategies of the Seafood CRC's Future harvest theme.  Read More

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