Product and Market Development

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2009/721 “Eat More Fish” – Expanding the consumption of seafood through retail channels

This report details the findings of a Simplot Questionnaire conducted in February 2011 by the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for the purpose of developing further understanding of seafood consumption, through the quantification of issues through a nationally representative survey.  Read More

2009/722 Development and evaluation of Yellowtail Kingfish consumer products

This project was initiated due to a need to develop new value-added Yellowtail Kingfish products and open new markets/channels for the products.  Read More

2009/723 Product differentiation opportunities for Australian wild-caught abalone in China: Stage 1

The value of wild-caught Australian abalone has dropped over the past decade due to increasing competition. The most important market for Australian abalone products is currently mainland China. This is stage 1 of the project.  Read More

2009/727 Integrated value chain performance benchmarking studies

At the commencement of the Seafood CRC in 2007, CRC participants identified the need to improve competitiveness and profitability through improved supply chain management as one of their highest priorities. However, a lack of research capacity in whole of seafood supply chain monitoring and management was also identified. As a result the CRC decided to fund a post-doctoral position in integrated value chain performance benchmarking studies (incorporating economics, logistics and product quality)  Read More

2009/742 Consumer research for the Australian Prawn Farmers Association

This marketing report focuses on consumer perceptions and preferences when buying prawns. Key findings include consumer preferences for local prawns and clear preferences for fresh rather than frozen prawns. Six areas of strategy strategic areas for improvement were identified and discussed.  Read More

2009/752 Overseas market access for shellfish

This project involved undertaking a technical review of the European Food Safety Authority risk assessments on Saxitoxin and Okadaic Acid group toxins in shellfish.  Read More

2009/752.10 SafeFish: Seafood Trade Expert Panel

SafeFish originated from the recognition by the members of the former Seafood Access Forum (SAF) (industry and government) of the need to provide coordinated, cohesive and robust technical advice to support Australian negotiators and delegations dealing with trade and market access issues related to food safety. While this expertise was variously available from different sources a more cohesive collaborative approach was required to bring together all relevant stakeholders (industry, scientists,  Read More

2009/761 How destination image and country visitation affects consumer perceptions and preference for a country’s products

This thesis measures how Australia’s destination image affects Chinese consumers’ evaluation and choice of Australian wine and seafood.  Read More

2009/770 Retail transformation chilled pre-packaged seafood category development

AC Nielsen described the chilled pre-packaged seafood market as Australia’s second fastest growing supermarket food category in 2009. This project was initiated to develop a range of chilled pre packed Australian seafood products and test them in a supermarket.  Read More

2009/773 Dried Western Australian seafood products for the Asian market: A pilot study

This research explored many aspects of dried seafood relevant to the West Australian seafood industry.  Read More

2009/783 Factors that contribute to the export propensity of Australian seafood firms

This Honours thesis titled ‘Factors contributing to the export propensity of Australian seafood firms’ was completed by Chelsey Parish in fulfillment of the requirements of the International Business Honours Degree at the University of the Sunshine Coast.  Read More

2009/786 Commercial value chain analysis of the Spencer Gulf and West Coast prawn fisheries – domestic retail and restaurants

The Spencer Gulf prawn fishery is one of the largest and most important fisheries in South Australia in terms of value of production. By analysing in detail the chains that supply consumers with prawns through existing markets, Drake Food Markets and the Hilton Hotel, this project has been able to recommend a number of post harvest intervention and improvement activities.  Read More

2009/787 The whole prawn - prawn market access defenders

This project was undertaken to identify food safety risks posed by potential hazards in prawns and if necessary, prioritise opportunities for reducing risk through targeted initiatives.  Read More

2010/706 Accelerated new product development: Blue Swimmer Crab pilot

The aim of the project was to develop a new series of value added Abacus crab products that have been researched, developed, costed, branded and trialled in the marketplace prior to further large financial commitment to facilitate production.  Read More

2010/715 Cobia market analysis

The purpose of this report was to provide an overview of the production of Cobia worldwide, specifically in terms of production and pricing.  Read More

2010/716 Consultation with the Southern Rocklobster industry on market development opportunities

Southern Rock Lobster Ltd (SRL) has funds in the Seafood CRC which have been committed to research into market development over the next five years.To this end, this project involved interviews with fishers, processors and exporters in the various zones of the Southern Rocklobster industry. These interviews would be then used to identify development opportunities as well as issues and constraints to further development which could in turn be targeted for further research and development.  Read More

2010/737 Marine biotoxins and market access for abalone

Codex are progressing an international abalone standard with proposed marine biotoxin testing components. These standards could require Australia to intensively sample abalone from the coast line and would have large cost implications for industry. The EU have reduced requirements for biotoxins in abalone, however some end product testing of abalone for biotoxins is still required for access and this imposes additional cost on industry. This project involves testing of wild caught abalone for b  Read More

2010/748 Investigating markets for seafood in East Asia

The aim of this project was to gather high-quality market information at the Asian Seafood Expo.  Read More

2010/756 Change, cooperation and competitiveness in China: A cluster model for the Australian Abalone Industry

This project involved a combination of case study and statistical analysis of relevant cluster initiatives, to provide a model relevant not only to the Australian abalone industry, but one that can be adapted for other Australian seafood sectors. It included structural and human change management practices required to meet the demands specific to China in this context.  Read More

2010/774 Successful Sardines: Post-harvest optimisation and new product development for human consumption

This project was designed to trial sardines from raw material factory receipt to finished products.  Read More

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