2008/791 Economic evaluation for the Seafood CRC

2008/791 Economic evaluation for the Seafood CRC

By Randy Stringer


The Seafood CRC will invest over $140 million cash and in-kind in research and development over its seven year life. It is a requirement of the CRC agreement with the Commonwealth of Australia that a process is established to measure and evaluate the impact of that expenditure. There is a need for this work at several levels which this project addressed.

Firstly it is imperative that the CRC is accountable for its expenditure and is able to measure any benefits derived against the triple bottom line. This involves collection of data at a macro level and estimating the impact of the CRC research on whole industry sectors.
Secondly, at a project level, there is a need to evaluate the impact of projects as they are completed to determine their effectiveness and efficiency. These studies will also provide data for the first need.
Thirdly there will be a need to analyse some project proposals to determine their potential return on investments, to assist in the project selection process.


Therefore this project aimed to:

  1. Evaluate and report on the economic, environmental and social benefits of the Seafood CRC.
  2. Assist the Seafood CRC evaluate the potential benefits from selected individual projects under consideration for funding by the CRC.
  3. Develop the capacity and provide a service to Seafood CRC participants for analysis and evaluation of seafood business opportunities.