2008/794 Retail Transformation Project
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2008/794 Retail Transformation Project

The Australian Seafood Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) identified the need for a Retail Transformation Project in the February 2008 SellFish Business Plan.


The business plan described the project as using market research and retailing innovations to increase gross revenue from sale of high value seafood. This contributes to CRC milestone 1.6.


Since the identification of this project, various tasks have been performed in order to develop the project to its current position.

The intention of these tasks has been to define what activities a CRC Retail Transformation Project might contain and how the project might be constructed.

Briefly, the tasks undertaken have been:

  • Meetings and workshops with stakeholders who had been identified as potential participants in the project (November / December 2008).
  • Summary of available Australian Seafood Consumer Research (January / February 2009). See Appendix 1 for summary.
  • Development of Project 'Pre Prospectus' for CRC members to consider their investment (February 2009).