2012/748 Study tour of South Korean abalone aquaculture
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2012/748 Study tour of South Korean abalone aquaculture


By Dan Machin

Korea has long history in abalone aquaculture and is currently the second largest producer of abalone, after China.  Given this history, the Australian abalone industry considers it would benefit from building business and institutional relations with the Korean abalone industry and government.

AAGA and the Korean Federation of Abalone Industry Association developed and executed a study tour itinerary that involved site visits and forums.  The delegation included five AAGA members and Drs Nick Elliot (CSIRO) and Graham Mair (Seafood Cooperative Research Centre). The study tour built on established relationships and enabled all parties to share knowledge and experience in abalone aquaculture, and included visits to Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market, an abalone nursery in Jindo, abalone sea-based growout farm sites within the Special Abalone Zone of Wando, and on-shore flounder farms and potential abalone farm sites on Jeju Island.