2012/740 Evaluating the impact of an improved retailing concept for oysters in fishmongers
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2012/740 Evaluating the impact of an improved retailing concept for oysters in fishmongers

By Meredith Lawley



The oyster industry is still largely focused on production rather than marketing, however, since the inception of Oysters Australia they are now also strongly supportive of initiatives that can increase sales and/or grow margins. They also understand the need to educate consumers about oysters; where they come from, different varieties, different styles and flavours and nutritional benefits. This project, which has been endorsed by Oysters Australia's research and development committee, sees them move some research expenditure into the area of demand creation, in an attempt to improve industry profitability.

Previous CRC research has highlighted opportunities to provide education to consumers to address some of the issues that currently prevent purchase. Specifically, information re where the oysters are from (provenance), how to prepare them (incl. recipes / accompaniments), how to store them, plus creating some excitement / visibility of the products via in-store theatre (shucking) are all areas that would appear likely to stimulate demand.

The benefit to the retailer of this trial is the additional visibility and demonstrations / collateral material in-store will be provided at no cost, and is expected to lead to an increase in sales and profit. Should the trial be successful, and the results generate an acceptable payback for retailers to purchase a kit, then the value will be in terms of increased sales and profit that will continue after the cost of the kit has been recovered.

Therefore, this project aimed to:

  1. Increase the sales of fresh oysters in six trial fishmongers via improved merchandising (retail presentation and in-store theatre) and information at point of sale
  2. Determine the value proposition, including benefit cost considerations related to expansion of the concepts to more fish mongers.