2010/737 Marine biotoxins and market access for abalone

2010/737 Marine biotoxins and market access for abalone

By Cath McLeod


Codex are progressing an international abalone standard with proposed marine biotoxin testing components. These standards could require Australia to intensively sample abalone from the coast line and would have large cost implications for industry. The EU have reduced requirements for biotoxins in abalone, however some end product testing of abalone for biotoxins is still required for access and this imposes additional cost on industry.

This project involves testing of wild caught abalone for biotoxins. The core purpose of the data collected in the project is to improve the quality of the risk assessment. This risk assessment can then be used to support negotiations towards risk based biotoxin testing requirements in the international Codex standard and reduced testing requirements for abalone going to China, Japan and the EU (e.g. aim for no end product testing). The project will also provide scientific information to support risk management strategies to assist in decision making if biotoxins ever do become an issue for abalone in Australia.

This project aimed to:

  1. Reduce technical barriers to trade for Australian abalone in key markets such as China, Japan and the EU. This will be delivered by using the risk assessment output of the project to negotiate risk based international biotoxin standards (at Codex)
  2. Enhance R&D capability on marine biotoxins and market access in Australia. This project will be a collaborative effort between experienced New Zealand researchers in this field and Australia, in order to facilitate knowledge transfer to assist in capability building for broader industry benefits in Australia