2009/727 Integrated value chain performance benchmarking studies
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2009/727 Integrated value chain performance benchmarking studies

By Alexandra McManus



At the commencement of the Seafood CRC in 2007, CRC participants identified the need to improve competitiveness and profitability through improved supply chain management as one of their highest priorities. However, a lack of research capacity in whole of seafood supply chain monitoring and management was also identified. As a result the CRC decided to fund a post-doctoral position in integrated value chain performance benchmarking studies (incorporating economics, logistics and product quality) to build research capacity in this area.

As a result of the project, generic methods/frameworks have been developed for a range of supply and value chain analyses and these frameworks have been tested in case studies. A large group of staff and students from national research institutions have been trained in seafood supply and value chain analysis techniques. Videos describing some of the methods were also produced for industry extension. As well, more than 10 separate projects have been CRC funded with specific industry partners to undertake supply and value chain analysis, with concomitant recommendation, implementation and evaluation of interventions to improve individual supply chain performance. These project results were the basis for >10 presentations to various industry groups and conferences explaining the techniques and the results of the projects. A number of peer reviewed journal articles have also been published/submitted.