2009/722 Development and evaluation of Yellowtail Kingfish consumer products
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2009/722 Development and evaluation of Yellowtail Kingfish consumer products


By Trent D'Antignana



Reviews of the premium seafood markets in Europe, the US and Australia were completed in order to understand the market dynamics and the future opportunities for Yellowtail Kingfish (YTK) in each region of interest. Although awareness of the YTK was generally low in all of these markets, opportunities for future expansion certainly existed, particularly in the relatively well-established Japanese dining channel in the US and Europe, and also in the new channel of Western fine dining.


In Australia, the consumer research indicated that with the right product format, a carefully positioned market entry strategy, and the appropriate marketing support, an entry into the deli counter section of Australian supermarkets was possible.


In order to capitalise on these opportunities, priority products for development were also identified within this research, with accompanying product specifications. The project commenced the new product development phase, with a focus on developing hot and cold smoked YTK products, a portioned pre-packed product, and added-value solutions to retain a moist and appealing texture in a ready-to-cook kingfish product.



This report was embargoed as commercial in confidence until the conclusion of the Seafood CRC and can now be downloaded below