2011/704 The National Seafood Industry Leadership Program 2011
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2011/704 The National Seafood Industry Leadership Program 2011

By Ashley Oliver and William Bowman


The National Seafood Industry Leadership Program (NSILP) is the only national industry specific leadership program and was initially designed in consultation with the seafood industry. There are now in excess of one hundred graduates of all ages and from all sectors of the industry including processing, fishing, extension, exporters, importers, marketing, deckhands and general employees. Graduates have gone on to apply their skills to a wide variety of areas including regional network development, regional and state industry association boards and reference committees and effective business management.

The NSILP is designed for people wishing to take up leadership roles within the seafood industry. These roles may be at a sector level or regional level but participants may also have national and international leadership aspirations. The focus, however, of the program is for participants to develop an understanding of how to impact constructively, resulting in positive outcomes for the seafood industry nationally.

William Bowman, Alistair Dick and Ashley Oliver successfully completed the 2011 National Seafood Industry Leadership Program with CRC support.

As part of the 2011 NSILP, the 'sustainable seafood stories' website was developed. The website is designed to promote the sustainability of Australia's seafood industry by identifying champions from within the industry who have made a significant contribution in their sector toward the sustainability of Australian seafood, and by providing an overview of all sectors within the seafood industry.

The sustainable seafood stories website also provides links to other useful websites, and is interactive with users, supporting social media pages including Facebook and Flickr.