2013/717 Developing a (Sea)Food marketing course
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2013/717 Developing a (Sea)Food marketing course


By Meredith Lawley



While the Australian Seafood CRC has conducted considerable research into various aspects of the marketing of seafood including, supply chain management, consumer behaviour, new product development and innovation, exporting and retailing, no ongoing resources currently capture the research outputs in an educational program that will be ongoing.  This was also coupled with the fact that no university level course was available in an Australian business school specifically in food marketing.


This project addressed the need for a course that incorporated the research findings of the current CRC into a flexible learning format that would be widely available after the CRC.The goal of this project was to develop one postgraduate course in food marketing, however during the university accreditation process, a demand for an undergraduate version of the course was also identified, leading to the accreditation of a second undergraduate level food marketing course. In line with accreditation processes, a business case was developed based on potential demand and current competitive offering.


A non-accredited version was also created for the seafood industry to enhance their knowledge about food marketing.